How does Lifesharelive work?
There are two parts of Lifesharelive, the App that captures what is happening on your screen and sends it to the cloud, and the cloud service that provides that distributes the feed to those who have the feed URL.

Is Lifesharelive secure?
Security is an important part of the Lifesharelive experience. The feed URL you create when you activate the App can be open to the public or password protected, you decide. When you want to live broadcast an event, or something cool you’ve done on your phone (like rocked the highest level of your favorite game) it makes sense to keep the feed open. While if you are screensharing to get help with a setting or technical difficulty it makes sense to make the feed password protected.

Do I need a network connection?
Yes, you need a strong network connection to handle the large amount of information being streamed from your device to our servers. Lifesharelive will use either WiFi or cellular networks, whichever is available. You standard data plan rates will apply.

Can others remotely take control of my device?
Yes, but only with your permission and they can never lock you out of your device. A viewer of your feed can request control of your device, which is particularly handy when you are getting technical support from a service provider. You will be notified on-screen of the request for control, and can choose which applications you wish to provide control to, including your entire device.

Will Lifesharelive record my screen-shares?
Yes. Your screen-share will be saved and available to you for download. You can set your preference for how long a screen-share will be saved for, up to 90 days for standard users and forever with our Archive plan.

What is a screen-share?
A screen-share is a video/audio recording of the screen of your device. This is similar to “sharing your desktop” on popular video chat or meeting platforms.

Why are some feeds open to the public?
This allows people to publically broadcast what is happening with them real-time – think of it as having your own TV studio in the palm of your hand, where you can broadcast the news as it happens.

Why does Lifesharelive need my location?
Lifesharelive uses location to make it easier for people watching the feeds to find public broadcasts relevant to them.

Does it cost anything to use Lifesharelive?
The basic version is free to download and use. Additional services such as our Archiving plans have additional associated costs.

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